Interactive Preschool (2-6) Theater in Houston – Garbage Island

Garbage Island – Interactive Sketch Theater for Children ages 2-6

Saturdays 10:30-11:30 a.m. through March 11, 2017

Rec Room Houston

100 Jackson Street
Houston, TX 77002


Cultural events for toddlers can begin and end with the mundane. Not so with Garbage Island, a live sketch show tailored specifically for preschoolers that runs Saturday mornings through March 11th at the Rec Room Houston. The Rec room is probably better known for its evening shows with more mature content. With this foray into kid’s theater the show’s creators have stumbled onto a great mix of kid friendly content and adult friendly venue.


Kids get a 45 minute interactive sketch comedy show with music, shout out questions and custom costumes and props all made out of ‘garbage’. The content will seem familiar to adults with routines that include a riff on Judge Judy and Whose Line is it Anyway. Make sure your little one brings a toy to the performance that can be used in an improv skit. Amelia brought her parrot, Pirata. The cast greets you as you come in the door with activity books and crayons and the theater has a sitting room only mat section right up front so the little ones can get close to the action.

Adults have a bar that serves up quick mimosas and a deep selection of craft beers. If Saturday morning is a bit to early to hit the sauce, they have fresh coffee at the ready. You can sit with the kiddo’s or lean back and sip on your drink while they get a mild moral lesson in recycling and reusing wrapped in music and theater.


When the Saturday morning cartoons and nearby park get stale, Garbage Island is a welcome bit of culture that will engage your preschooler and won’t have you clawing your eyes in the process. We’re looking at you Caillou.


Go. Try. Adventure!


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