Top 3 Hotel Chains for Family Travel

We’ve traveled around the world for several years and stayed at a lot of hotels. However, once we started traveling with Amelia, there were a whole new set of considerations that never occurred to us before. When you’re traveling with a little one, where you stay has a huge impact on how much you can enjoy…

Talkeetna, Alaska – Day 1

We left Anchorage early afternoon for the 2 hour drive to Talkeetna. We drove from state highway 1 to highway 3 up through Wasilla, taking the Talkeetna spur road just before the Susitna rive bridge. In proper fashion we timed it right around Amelia’s nap. Timing long drives around her naps is a travel multiplier. […]

Summer Chill & Grill – Seasonal Brunch

Oh foodie buzzwords, how I love you, let me count the ways – Seasonal, local, fresh, sustainable. We’ve been telling ourselves that we should eat more seasonably (is that a word?). Ditch the shopping list, buy what is fresh and affordable and make it work. Use what we have and what we find. So today we […]

Exploring Anchorage, Alaska

We had three days in Anchorage to stuff as much adventure in as possible, unfortunately I was working during these days. Our afternoon flights into Anchorage (Mine from the north slope and the girls’ from Seattle) arrived within an hour of each other so I waited inside the gate and didn’t pass security. This gave…

Houston, we have a blog!

We are excited to launch our newest endeavor, Go. Try. Adventure!, a blog about getting up and going…trying new things…and finding adventure.