This is a story. A story of travel, family, food, epic adventures and spectacular failures. We’re a family of 3. A dreamer with a skeptical eye, a thinker with questionable common sense, and a fearless child who makes us a family.

This story is more than a decade in the making. It begins in medias res, in the middle of the story. It began twelve years ago when a love struck 20 something got his passport and called up a travel agent (they still existed then) to book a flight to Italy because his soon to be fiancé told him that Venice was the most romantic place she’s ever seen. He planned to propose to his future wife atop the bell tower in St. Mark’s square, but he didn’t know his bride well enough to appreciate her intense fear of heights. It’s been a roller coaster ever since.

You Go, sometimes impulsively, because life is messy. You Go it when it’s inconvenient, when it’s a little beyond your budget, when your tired, or the last trip was a little too recent. You Go because you atrophy when you sit still, and the hot humid Texas air will sap the energy from you.

You Try, sometimes recklessly, because you only live once. You Try things that are new because they help you grow and try things that are comfortable because they evoke shared memories and history that bind a family together. You Try when you’re scared or nervous or giddy and especially, you try because a pair of small, perfect blue eyes watch your every move, and they will not learn timidity from you.

When you Go, when you Try, then Adventure! Is the result. Adventure is a journey, a means, an end, and a corny family rallying cry. We yell it when the plane takes off, when the tires hit the interstate, when the reservation is cancelled, and when our toddler is doing headstands in their pack-n-play while we hide under the covers 5 feet away wondering why the hell we thought that, this time, we could share a hotel room…

At the end of your life, whether it’s tomorrow or 50 years, the objects rust and wear away. The memories and shared experiences bind you to the people in your life.

We invite you to Go with us, Try things that even we’re afraid of, and embrace the Adventure!